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LeafGuard brand by Englert is the Original and ONLY one-piece Seamless Covered Gutter System in America.

LeafGuard Protects Your Home From:


Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

While many buildings in the Lake Erie area rely on gutter covers, houses need more than inferior after-market products. That is why, for the superior choice in rain gutter systems, you need LeafGuard Gutters — for reliable performance all year long.

As the original seamless covered gutter, we keep more houses protected throughout the United States with this unique system. By preventing more leaves, wildlife, and pests from creating clogged gutters, we can stop more water issues from occurring.

How do leaf guard gutters work?

Traditional rain gutters do little to prevent obstructions from forming, especially when leaves fall from trees or heavy winter snowfalls. As a result, your roofing system remains wet from overflow, and the increased presence of pests can cause more harm.

Without requiring additional products or supplemental systems, we can prevent more maintenance concerns with one straightforward installation for your home. No matter what items you seem to struggle with the most, we guarantee better results over any other service provider.

As an advanced seamless gutter system, our product protects you from more forms of debris than with any other gutter cover. And because each one gets customized to your house’s specific dimensions, you can enjoy longer-lasting protection over standard gutter types.

how do leaf guard gutters work
what is the best leaf guard for gutters

What is the best leaf guard for gutters?

Because they stop more forms of obstructions and debris from happening, LeafGuard Gutters are the best gutter guard system to reduce your gutter maintenance needs. Who wants to spend a beautiful weekend standing on a rickety old ladder to scoop out moldy leaves into a bucket?

LeafGuard Gutters protect you throughout all four seasons of the year. Don’t miss enjoying your weekends with friends and family, we create solutions that will reduce your outdoor chores.

Do you need to clean gutters with gutter guards?

No matter how efficient a gutter system may perform, most homeowners still find themselves worried about developing clogs and damages. As your local gutter contractor, you can rest easier knowing we offer gutter cleaning services, included with LeafGuard gutter system.

That means that, as long as you own your property, your rain gutters remain in good hands. We stand by every gutter installation and we guarantee the best results possible for every job that we finish.

do you need to clean your gutters with gutter guards
How much are leaf guard gutters?

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