The LeafGuard Gutters Guarantee

When you select LeafGuard Gutters for your home, it means receiving our guarantee that you enjoy cleaner, more efficient gutters that you never have to clean again. We don’t offer another empty promise, we stand by our word that our products remain the best choice. It works and that’s why we’ve offered the LeafGuard System for over 20 years.


Englert LeafGuard gutter systems are Guaranteed Not to Clog. Many cover options provide a similar warranty not to clog. But with LeafGuard it’s not just a claim, if you ever experience a clog we will come out and Clean it for Free. We feel that customers who purchase the best gutter guards deserve the best warranties. LeafGuard provides multiple guarantees on our gutter systems so you truly are getting the best.

  • LeafGuard is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, sticks, twigs, pine needles, or other organic debris or we’ll clean it for free as long as you own your home.
  • LeafGuard is guaranteed not to be pulled loose from fascia boards as a result of ice formation or heavy snow load.
  • The Paint Finish Has Limited Lifetime Warranty with LeafGuard’s exclusive ScratchGuard™ paint finish.  It won’t chip, peel or crack, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


100% Transferable Warranties

All of the above warranties are 100% transferable for the life of your home.

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never clean your gutters again

Our Guarantee to You

Another way that we back our personal guarantee for all of our customers comes from obtaining the Good Housekeeping Seal. As an independent brand testing board, they only award their findings to products and services that they approve for use.

That means that you don’t have to take our word for how durable and efficient our rain gutter systems remain.The Good Housekeeping Institute Laboratory confirms that our seamless gutter protection performs the way we promise every day.

All of our warranties for your rain gutters, from the limited coverage for the paint to lifetime cleanings will transfer. As long as your home remains standing, our team will continue keeping your rain gutters free from clogs.

You no longer need to struggle with how quickly standard systems clog. Experience a lifetime of maintenance-free rain gutters by choosing our superior seamless systems for your home and see the difference.

Guaranteed Paint Coatings

A special system deserves a unique paint job, and that’s why we only use our exclusive ScratchGuard brand of coatings. You won’t see these paints in stores, and only Englert knows how to apply it for enhanced daily protection.

Our unique formula guarantees that the gutters’ surfaces won’t chip, peel, or crack, and you receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Standard galvanized gutters carry no such finish warranty because they fade and chip leading to rust and other blemishes before long.

When you need longer-lasting drainage systems, you need our gutters. Choose LeafGuard Gutters for your home.

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