The Structure of Our Seamless Gutter Systems

Homeowners today have a surprising number of options at their disposal when selecting a rain gutter system for their property. And while many houses settle for gimmicks, accessories, and other after-market solutions, the better option remains seamless gutters for results.

While LeafGuard Gutters isn’t the only brand providing one-piece gutter systems, we stay the original and best option each time. Unlike other choices, we provide enhanced daily protection for your home without the use of leaf covers, guards, and screens.

The secret lies within our patented design that keeps water flowing more efficiently throughout every storm, eliminating debris as well. That means no more time spent on uneven ladders and avoiding mishaps, all while trying to clear away dirty leaves.

You shouldn’t just take our better systems at face value, and we make your decision a simple one every day. Continue reading to discover why our brand of seamless rain gutters still outperforms any other product you could buy instead.

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Durable Aluminum Frames

When rain gutters sit on the shelf at your local hardware store, they all appear ready to take a beating. However, standard products can’t withstand severe winds, impact damage, or even clogged tracks, and they quickly bend out of shape.

Unfortunately, most homeowners wind up ignoring their misshapen gutters, often thinking that the rest likely will wear out soon, too. Before that happens, however, damaged systems only lead to structural concerns as your home’s foundation weakens from overflowing water run-offs.

Instead, our gutter systems receive 18-inches of aluminum sheeting that gets custom cut to your building’s dimensions for accurate installations. They not only prove themselves as the longer-lasting gutter system, but they remain 20% thicker than the current industry standard.

Standard galvanized steel systems, on the other hand, advertise lasting durability, but it doesn’t take long to see them rust. Our extra wide rain gutter systems remain the solution most homeowners need, and you may never need another set again.

Enhanced Gutter Downspouts

On paper, the way that rain gutters work should prove effective enough for the typical family home or commercial space. Unfortunately, once they take on the slightest bit of debris, they all but stop draining away water, causing issues.

In addition to thicker, more durable tracks that already keep out leaves and debris, our downspouts outperform standard systems also. Your drainage systems offer 30% more durability over galvanized spouts, and the wider opening allows water to escape much faster.

Typical rain gutters retain too much water at once, making it challenging to keep your tracks flowing as they should. Instead, your superior system enjoys an improved 3”x4” drain spout, capable of managing rain falling at 32 inches per hour.

If that’s not enough, we also utilize vinyl soffit board and durable fascia for added water protection for your home. Choosing us means never needing to fear wood rot, twisted gutter covers, and clogged down spouts again for superior year-round results.

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How Do LeafGuard Gutters Compare with Others?

Homeowners always find themselves afraid of buyer’s remorse, especially when they try and reinvest into their property with improvement options. How can you know with certainty that your LeafGuard Gutters drainage system will outperform other solutions you could have attempted?

You no longer need to wonder, as we will gladly compare our products and installation team to all the rest. No other rain gutter system can compare to our superior designs, which helps you avoid more hazards and maintenance concerns.

LeafGuard Gutters vs. Standard Systems

Traditionally, rain gutters rely on a series of trenches that connect to the next, which redirects water towards the drain. Unfortunately, while that sounds ideal, it doesn’t take much of a clog to prevent these systems from working at all.

And considering that these gutter systems remain open at the top, they stay exposed to the elements, plants, and pests. Local wildlife will quickly take to trapped water for a quick bath or a drink, while termites take to roofs.

Traditional systems remain infamous for creating leaks that impact windows, doors, and even ruin your home’s siding through water overflow. Each section of tracks also creates the potential for leaksbetween panels, and the weaker downspouts tend to get damaged.

You can try and convert your existing gutter system into a covered gutter system with aftermarket products, but most don’t work. The best way to keep your roof drier every day remains to choose our seamless systems that continue performing longer.

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What About Gutter Guards?

Your LeafGuard Gutter system eliminates the need for gutter guards, making for more efficient draining and fewer concerns every day. However, if you have a standard track for your home, could you use gutter guards for the same potential results?

Each product advertises that your house will receive the same level of defense, but that likely doesn’t pan out later. No matter which type of gutter guard you had purchased for your systems, they won’t act like our patented designs.

Most homeowners, unfortunately, settle for these accessories, leading to more time spent cleaning out their tracks virtually every weekend afternoon. Although there remain three distinct types of gutter guards to purchase, we guarantee that none protect your home like us.

Leaf Filters

Leaf filters use mesh screens that get secured directly to the top of your gutter system’s tracks for roof protection. While some homeowners see results from dedicated installation contractors, kits sold in hardware stores likely won’t perform nearly as well.

Do It Yourself projects likely don’t give these filters enough of a pitch, or they may leave gaps and spaces. It also doesn’t help when the mesh surface gets punctured by twigs, wildlife, and wind, leaving you vulnerable once again.

Some products clip directly to the track for simplified installations, but that also means nothing secures them for long-term use. Or, if they do happen to screw into the surface, that could cause your tracks to bend, break, or leak.

Leaf filters claim to prevent debris from entering the tracks, but they do little to correct existing leaks and damage. Installing leaf filters for your traditional rain gutter system may help temporarily, but they won’t offer lasting defense like us.

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Gutter Screens

Gutter screens offer an upgrade over leaf filters, but they still don’t work as well as your original seamless tracks. The screens get installed in three or six-foot sections, and they stay perforated so that rain can enter the spouts.

These products snap or slip onto your existing tracks, and the corners and edges can get mitered for safer use. Gutter screens can also get installed underneath a roofing tile, helping you hide seams and work around the existing structure.

Unfortunately, the spaces at the top could prove wide enough to let in dirt and debris, and they get damaged. When too many leaves or too much water backs up, they could just as soon pop right back off again.

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers mimic the natural curved system that we develop by using a device that hooks directly to your tracks. What they do is prevent debris from getting into the path, keeping the spout clear for improved water runoff needs.

As an aftermarket consideration, they often must get glued down or otherwise secured to your roof, which could cause cracking. And if your installation team only uses glue or adhesives, you could soon see your new drain system pull away.

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Why Avoid Gutter Guards & Accessories?

It’s understandable that, as a homeowner, you prefer to improve the items you have before spending more to replace them. However, when discussing your rain gutter needs, guards, screens, filters, and other add-ons simply aren’t worth your time or consideration.

For starters, these products rarely match your home’s dimensions, requiring lots of snipping, trimming, sanding, and gluing to take place. Even once they feel secure, there’s no guarantee that they will perform how you had expected them to after installation.

Most of these gutter accessories take away from your home’s curb appeal, as they look bulky, blocky, and less durable. Following a severe storm, snow, heavy rain, and other weather patterns, most just fall off or stop working at all.

Rather than try and make a traditional rain gutter system perform as well as ours, we make your installation simple. Our tough, long-lasting one-piece tracks create superior water drainage and debris protection over any other product or service available now.

Two-Piece Gutter Systems

When a rain gutter system receives a guard, screen, or filter, it gets referred to as a two-piece drainage track. Unfortunately, more pieces mean more chances for leaks, and all accessories get included after the installation, leaving them vulnerable.

Instead, we include the built-in guard that forms from our rolled one-piece gutters, which maintains a tight seal every day. You won’t find areas that look out of place from forcing products to adapt, leading to better appearances.

When you need a reliable way of protecting your roof, we get results. Choose LeafGuard Gutters today for superior gutters.

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