While you could settle for traditional rain gutter systems, they only get clogged, damaged, and rusted out before too long. Choosing LeafGuard Gutters for your home, on the other hand, offers years of maintenance-free tracks and downspouts throughout every storm.

We understand that today’s consumers need as much information as possible to make their best purchasing decisions, saving more money. Read on to our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you still have concerns, just reach out to our friendly staff.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work?

What has separated our systems from others remains our patented curved design that prevents all manner of debris from entering. Combined with the liquid adhesion properties our tracks provide, you enjoy nothing but instant rain drainage without the cleaning hassle.

Why Only One Piece?

Some residents may think that the more pieces, parts, and accessories their rain gutters use, the better off they stay. However, our one-piece seamless design prevents more leaks, debris intrusion, and other common concerns from forming, leading to better performance.

Are Your Gutters Sturdy?

Homeowners usually discover the hard way whether or not their gutter system can withstand wind, impacts, and daily sun exposure. Our tracks not only rely on dense aluminum alloy, but they stay thicker than what the industry standard often demands.

Why Aluminum Rain Gutters?

Galvanized steel remains the common material choice for more brands of rain gutters, but they quickly rust and get bent. Our 18-inches aluminum frames, on the other hand, won’t rust and they offer 20% thicker tracks for superior daily defense.

How Expensive are LeafGuard Gutters?

Because every new rain gutter system gets installed on-site, your one-piece installation costs depend on your home’s size and dimensions. We form, mold, and install your seamless tracks at your house, eliminating trips to the store or additional product measurements.

You can contact us and request a free service quote, where we explain in detail how much your new gutters cost. However, backed by our warranties and the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval, we guarantee you won’t find a better value.

What Does Your “Guarantee” Cover?

We know that many brands provide their guarantee, but few stand by their word when things go wrong.We promise your ideal gutter systems will not clog, break, or even rust, and we always fix it for free.

In addition to cosmetic concerns, your new LeafGuard Gutter system won’t separate away from your building, even during winter months. And our patented ScratchGuard paint means you won’t see cracks, scratches, and chips happen, despite severe weather and extreme temperatures.

What Lengths of Gutters Do You Sell?

How frustrating does it feel when you come home with new gutter tracks, only to discover they don’t fit? Because every system that we install gets customized to your house’s dimensions, they matcheach time perfectly without separate sizes.

How Will I Know if My Roof Stays Too Steep?

From flat roofs to architectural slopes, our seamless gutter system can fit on any style of roofing or home design. Most people find, surprisingly, that the steeper their roof remains, the better performance they see from their new rain gutters.

What About My Pine Needles?

No matter how large or thin your potential plant materials prove, our unique curved design prevents them all from entering. When you avoid more common sources for drainage clogs, it means enjoying maintenance-free rain gutters that never stop working hard.

How Much Rain Can LeafGuard Gutters Take?

Traditional rain gutters can only take on so much water before they risk damages, flooding, and even home structural concerns. Our expanded downspout can send rain up to 32 inches per hour flowing efficiently, which guarantees no storm outperforms us.

Will Your Gutters Decrease My Curb Appeal?

The reason why so many homeowners neglect their rain gutter needs often stems from aftermarket accessories looking terrible after installation. Rather than using bulky, unattractive designs, your gutter system remains low-profile with a curved body, seamless tracks, and custom measurements.

Who Do I Request More Information?

Whether you need a free service quote, have additional questions, or have other informational needs, reach out directly to us. Our helpful staff can address any concerns that you may have, as well as offer a practical solution each time.

What Are Roof Ice Dams?

Ice dams remain a common nuisance during the winter season, where ice melts where the roof gets hot and refreezes. When it returns to its icy form, it usually creates an obstruction, which often pries away roof shingles and gutter tracks.

Our rain gutter system stays guaranteed not to separate from your house, and ice dams can’t damage your new tracks. Preventing more winter season issues remains a part of our maintenance-free rain gutter systems, keeping you safer all year long.

Do Ice Dams Only Form from Roof Heat?

While many ice dams form from hot spots locate throughout your roofing system, they can develop from other sources. A lot of obstructions get made from poor insulation within your attic spaces, which keeps your roof hot for longer.

Improper house ventilation also plays a role and one that could create dangerous icicles to form along the roof’s overhang. After-market gutter guards also prove a potential source for ice dams, which only causes more damage to your existing tracks.

Does LeafGuard Rain Gutters Prevent Ice Dams & Icicles?

Unfortunately, as the LeafGuard Gutter system doesn’t rely on heated cables or other electrical components, it won’t stop ice dams. However, what the unique curved hood will provide, will create surfaces less prone to forming ice hazards.

Unlike traditional gutter systems, you won’t need to fear ice developing obstructions within the tracks, keeping them clear all year. And while no product will ever entirely prevent ice problems, we may offer a heated tape accessory for your home.

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?

Because ice dams will only form after melting and refreezing, the best preventative measure remains your home’s insulation levels. When your house doesn’t have sufficientventilation, it only traps packets of heated air, causing ice dams and icicle problems.

You can purchase heated rain gutter accessories, although not all of them prove practical for every residence to use long-term. We may offer a heated tape installation for the interior of your gutters, which helps keep ice and snow melted.