Specializing in ALL Gutter Types and Related Components

We install residential gutters in NWPA and WNY. Bauer Specialty offers unique systems designed to prevent and eliminate all gutter clogging problems as well as economical traditional open gutters in standard 5-inch and larger commercial 6-inch sizes. In addition, we can provide the beauty and functionality of half-round gutters in copper, zinc and galvanized steel. We specialize in all types of eavestrough gutters and can provide you with a system to fit your needs.

The components connected to your gutters and nearby on the structure can take a beating from the harsh winter conditions that the Lake Erie region dishes out. Ice can break down many gutters when it accumulates from a large storm or from repeated years of icicle build up. We can help with repair and replacement of these items and have solutions to help prevent this damage to your home from ice dams with heated gutter options. Our crews can also repair damage to soffit and fascia as well as make these areas maintenance free with aluminum wrapping and vinyl panels that will never need painting again. View the options below to find out more.

LeafGuard Gutters

Beautiful one-piece, seamless design, LeafGuard gutters are measured and built on-site for premium protection.  The cover is formed along with the gutter bottom for a truly seamless gutter system that will help protect your home from rain and the damage it can cause. No other option carries multiple warranties like LeafGuard to give you the best value and peace of mind.


K Gutters

K-gutters are an economical choice for catching and diverting waterflow. We use the thickest available material and high-volume downspouts to give you more for your money. Available in both 5 inch and 6 inch sizes we have an option to fit your home’s needs. Gutters are an important part of your home’s exterior protection from the elements. Don’t neglect them or it may lead to bigger problems. Contact us for help with all your gutter needs.

Copper Gutters

Beautiful copper guttering provides an upscale look while protecting your home. Offers excellent water flow as water is concentrated to the low point of the curved gutter trough. Nothing compares to the beauty of copper gutters and the patina they develop over the years. Add them to a front porch to create the look you desire or update your entire home. Various sizes available including rain chains for seasonal downspout options.


Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are an upscale option at an affordable price. If copper half-round gutters are beyond the budget you can still get that classic look with other choices. Available in multiple colors as well as galvanized zinc there’s one that will work for your design. Extremely durable in strength and finish this style gutter is a great choice. Size options for both gutter and round downspouts to create the right system for your home.

Many homes were affected by storms this year experiencing gutter, fascia, and soffit damage. Our crews have been busy with gutter replacement and fascia & soffit repairs and are ready to get your home back in shape. Contact us today and prevent water from doing more damage to your home’s structure and foundation.

  • We repair fascia, soffit and gutters.
  • Get that damage repaired and prevent bigger problems.
  • Prevent critters from entering your home.
  • Increase your home’s resale value.